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D - Wiki again / and FAQ

You may have noticed, that I changed a few things on Wiki4D:

- The link bar now contains Index and Folder links.

- I changed "Members" and "FolderMembers" to "Contributors"
  and "FolderContributors" which seems more approriate.

I may be a bit disappointing for some that Wikis grow slowly
but in fact a Wiki is an invitation to join in for common writing
and not the presentation of a sparkling and ready "product".

Some pages slowly begin to show shape, like e.g.:

Things that would be needed but havn't yet evolved:

   - a page for ongoing projects (although there is an incomplete
     list on the FrontPage)

   - a page for wanted projects, although there is

   - a page for library design considerations and standards

Please take the Wiki as a public space that you are a co-owner of.
Helmut Leitner    leitner hls.via.at
Graz, Austria   www.hls-software.com
Aug 25 2003