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D - Re: D User Poll

reply John Boucher <John_member pathlink.com> writes:
1) What's your name?

John Boucher

2) What's your programming experience?

14 years; BASIC (VAX), Pascal (Turbo), C/C++ (Turbo, Borland), SQL (Oracle, RDB,
SQL Server, MySQL), some Perl, and now learning D and C#
All of it backend/console stuff, not Windows.

3) What's your D knowledge?

Beginner -- Just read the docs through once and wrote a "Hello World" program.
First saw it mentioned in the September 2003 issue of windows::developer (From
the Editor)

4) What programming language are you most familiar with?


5) What's your main operating system?

Win32 now that I'm not using OpenVMS (my first love <sniff>)

6) Which type of application you want to develop in D?

Killer, duh

7) Top Three Wishes for D?

Include timezone and DST info in the d_time type. And get Congress to ban DST
while you're at it.

Don't allow declarations mixed in with executable code, it's poor style.

Dump the HTML support. The D compiler should only accept D source code and
therefore not require the source file to have an extension of D, in fact how
about supporting piping in the source code? well, that should be up to the
compiler implementer, not the language anyway.

Should assert() really be built in? Shouldn't its implementation be up to the
programmer? Maybe I can override it? Aw, heck I won't use it either.

Hmm, maybe I should specify a language called D-.

John Boucher
PIEBALDconsult aol.com
Aug 24 2003
parent Bill Cox <bill viasic.com> writes:
 Hmm, maybe I should specify a language called D-.

I feel the same way. D has too many features. However, the success of languages like Perl indicate that having lots and lots of features draws supporters. The longer I code, the more I find I can mimic advanced features in any language. Just give me a FORTRAN compiler, and I'll write some nice structured, object oriented, efficient clean code for you. Give me more control over generated code, and I'll create more efficient programs. No language I know of has ever beaten C in this regard. Bill P.S. I missed VMS for years. I recommend switching to Linux. Windows will never be quite so satisfying.
Aug 25 2003