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D - struct default initializers

reply "Carlos Santander B." <carlos8294 msn.com> writes:
This code:

void main() {
 struct A { char c='c'; int i=5; float f=3.14; }
 enum B { X, Y, Z }
 static A [B] a;
 printf("X: c=%c, i=%d, f=%f\nY: c=%c, i=%d, f=%f\nZ: c=%c, i=%d, f=%f\n",


Produces this output:

X: c=x, i=0, f=0.000000
Y: c= , i=-1, f=0.000000
Z: c= , i=0, f=1000.000000

Notice A is declared static, so I thought the default initializers would be

However, previously I was under the impression default struct initializers
could be also used for non-static variables (then I read the docs and I
discovered they were only for static variables). This leads me to this
question: why can't they (initializers) be used for non-static variables?

Carlos Santander

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Aug 18 2003
parent reply "Walter" <walter digitalmars.com> writes:
They should be. It's a bug. -Walter
Aug 18 2003
parent "Sean L. Palmer" <palmer.sean verizon.net> writes:
Thank you!  I thought it was because it would cause hidden code to be
generated.  ;)


"Walter" <walter digitalmars.com> wrote in message
news:bhro30$2663$1 digitaldaemon.com...
 They should be. It's a bug. -Walter
Aug 19 2003