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D - Felix Language

reply Mark Evans <Mark_member pathlink.com> writes:

Another "improved C++" project.
Jun 10 2003
parent "Sean L. Palmer" <palmer.sean verizon.net> writes:
One interesting point:

Quote from somewhere in
http://felix.sourceforge.net/tut/doc/en_flx_tutorial_top.html :
2.46. Identifiers

The letters referred to consist of the usual A-Z and a-z, but also include
any Unicode/ISO10646 code point recommended as a letter for the purpose of
use in identifiers of programming languages by ISO/IEC PDTR 10176, as
adopted by ISO C++. A full table can be found in the reference manual, Felix
Standard, and source code.



Sounds like interesting reading for Walter.

Felix seems pretty cool at first glance.


"Mark Evans" <Mark_member pathlink.com> wrote in message
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 Another "improved C++" project.
Jun 12 2003