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D - Entire Linux installation hassle solved?

While poking around, I stumbled on an exact solution to the personal vs.
system-wide installation problem!

I downloaded the Lua compiler. If you want to install it for yourself just open
the package wherever you like, then run "make". Nothing is spewed to outside
places, and both the interpreter and compiler even worked out-of-the-box. 

Or if you want to install for everybody, then become root, and run "make


For us, the only files (pertinent to this issue) are in the Lua directory, and
they are:

INSTALL   (how to install lua, which I just told you. :-)
config    (one may edit this, but it works as-is, too)
Makefile  (default target is to compile and set up for private use)

They boast that Lua compiles in ANY environment that has an ANSI compiler. Even
16-bit systems.

(Geez, the download is <200k, and one gets a whole language.)
May 15 2003