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D - Bug in associative arrays?

reply "Steve Adams" <adamss ascinet.com> writes:
The following code verifies that v1 and v2 have the expected values, but
shows that v2 is a member of x.  It seems that the lookup is using a uint
instead of a ulong?

int main()
char[][ulong] x;
ulong v1 = 297321415603;
ulong v2 = 331681153971;
x[v1] = "aa";
printf( "%llu %llu\n", v1, v2 );
if (v2 in x) printf( "wrong\n" );
return( 0 );
Mar 19 2003
parent "Walter" <walter digitalmars.com> writes:
I'll check it out.
Mar 21 2003