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D - Oz and Alice were part of Microsoft's Project 7

reply Mark Evans <Mark_member pathlink.com> writes:
Those who pooh-poohed the Oz textbook as being "impractical" or "academic"
(probably without reading it) should know that Microsoft considered Oz important
enough to include in "Project 7," its prerelease code name for the .NET common
language runtime.  So Oz had something to do with the creation of .NET.

"I am also involved in Project 7, an ambitious joint project by Microsoft and a
number of academic and commercial partners to target a wide range of programming
languages at the .NET Common Language Runtime.  Some of the languages involved
are: ... Alice/Oz"


Oz References
"We single out four languages as representatives of important
computation models: Erlang, Haskell, Java, and Prolog. We identify the
computation model of each language in terms of the book's uniform
Feb 19 2003
parent Mark Evans <Mark_member pathlink.com> writes:
This article from The Register reveals that Microsoft's .NET/C# designers are
looking in the direction of "declarative" languages for future evolutions of
their platform.  The article mentions Mercury, which is discussed in the Oz
book.  Mercury has a .NET backend and was part of Project 7 before .NET went
public.  Oz supports logic-style programming along with all other paradigms.


Feb 20 2003