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D - Cyclone Language from ATT Research

reply Mark Evans <Mark_member pathlink.com> writes:

Another D ripoff! <g>  Maybe D can get some ideas here too.  -M.

"Cyclone is a programming language based on C that is safe, meaning that it
rules out programs that have buffer overflows, dangling pointers, format string
attacks, and so on. High-level, type-safe languages, such as Java, Scheme, or ML
also provide safety, but they don't give the same control over data
representations and memory management that C does (witness the fact that the
run-time systems for these languages are usually written in C.) Furthermore,
porting legacy C code to these languages or interfacing with legacy C libraries
is a difficult and error-prone process. The goal of Cyclone is to give
programmers the same low-level control and performance of C without sacrificing
safety, and to make it easy to port or interface with legacy C code."
Feb 18 2003
parent "Jeroen van Bemmel" <anonymous somewhere.com> writes:
That's not a language, that's a C compiler frontend!

Seriously, inserting pointer checks everytime your C program says "*p = x"
and changing it to "p? = x" is not what I would call a highly advanced
feature. We could have a long discussion on what is and what is not to be
considered a separate language, but for me this one is C with annoyances
Feb 22 2003