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D - getUTCtime in the linux port of D

i made a working program in D, in win32 (commandline).
i then tried to compile it in linux with the D compiler i got from www.opend.org
and it would only work if i commented out my usage of getUTCtime().

the compile error message is this:

[root lvs dli-0.1.2]# ./dli passGen.d
passGen.o: In function `__endif_599':
passGen.o(.text+0x30ff): undefined reference to `_D4date_10getUTCtime_FZl'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

i use them to help create a random seed for the rand_seed() func.
is there a way i can get the time function to work? or is there a different time
function that i can use? or is there some other thing that will help me make
unique seeds for the random number generator? thanks.
Feb 17 2003