Andrew W. Bushnell                                           52 Putney Rd. Bow, NH 03304 (603) 774-3344



Objective:                 A position in software development where past experience can be applied and enhanced in a

                                    highly motivated, professional team environment.


Education:               University of New Hampshire                                                               Durham, NH

                                    BS Computer Science - 1991                                                                                     


Skills:                        Languages:  C/C++, Java, 80x86 Assembly

Platforms: Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, DOS, Linux

Experience: Object Oriented Design, COM, MFC, Windows SDK, J2EE Development, Swing,

Commercial Applications Development, Enhancing Legacy C++ and Java Code

Development Tools: Visual C++, Visual Café, JBuilder, CVS, SourceSafe, and PVCS.



Experience:            Symantec/Webgain Corporation                                                        Santa Clara, CA

                                    September 1991 - July 2002

                                    Senior/Principal Software Engineer (telecommuting from NH)                                           

Key engineer on Java rewrite of Visual Cafe Java IDE for Win32 and Linux. Using Java, XML,

Swing, UML and various design patterns:

·    Designed debugger GUI, and API to the rest of the environment.

·    Diagnosed various JDK issues in Java and native code.

·    Resolved issues in the project and build systems, source editor and process management.


                                    Senior/Principal Software Engineer (Cupertino, CA)

Key engineer on Symantec Visual Cafe Suite of Java development tools for Win32. Using C/C++,

MFC, OLE/COM, and Java:

·    Designed DLL plugin architecture for subsystems, using COM.

·    Implemented the front end COM API and GUI for debugging of applets, applications,

       EJB's and JSP's.

·    Wrote a DLL to support embedded execution of Java controls and beans for WYSIWYG form


·    Added support for spawning of third-party tools.


                                    Software Engineer (Cupertino, CA)                                                                                      

Key engineer on Symantec C/C++ development environment for Win32 platforms. Using C/C++

and Assembly:

·    Added Win32 Structured Exception handling support to the RTL.

·    Coded the necessary RTL routines to conform to the ANSI C/C++ and Visual C++ "standard".

·    Ported MFC  (source and samples) and Win32 SDK to Symantec C++.

·    Enhanced Multi-threaded support in the RTL: added thread local support and fixed all

       synchronization issues.


                                    Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (Bedford, MA)                                                               

Lead quality assurance engineer on Symantec C/C++ IDE for DOS, Windows 3.x, Win32s,

Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms:

·    Developed test cases for C/C++ compiler and RTL.

·    Wrote scripts for installation and integration.


                                    Technical Support Analyst (Bedford, MA)

·    Supported C/C++ and Pascal users by writing sample code and diagnosing user problems.



Andrew W. Bushnell                                           52 Putney Rd. Bow, NH 03304 (603) 774-3344







(Continued):            Intellitech Corporation                                                                       Meredith, NH

                                    December 1990 - August 1991

                                    Software Developer                                                                                                               

Using C, Assembly and Pascal:

·    Implemented an application to convert a proprietary test data file format to a Lotus file format.

·    Extended an existing terminal emulation program by adding Macro capabilities.


                                    University of New Hampshire                                                             Durham, NH

                                    September 1989 - May 1990

                                    VAX Terminal Cluster Consultant                                                                                        

·    Assisted users in the use of Unix on Descartes and VMS on Hilbert.


                                    Teaching Assistant                                                                                                                 

·    Graded tests and programs for Fortran, Pascal and C programming courses.